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Removing the traffic hassles : Near Kanaka Durga temple, due to the increasing amount of public visits and nearby transportation, traffic congestion was a common sight. There are regular buses coming form the nearby bus stops every 20 minutes to the temple. Timely transportation is also available from the railway station, which is just a 10 minutes drive away from the temple, to the temple. This lead to congestion at the bottle-neck at Indrakeeladri. Traffic jams on the national highway beyond Bhavanipuram was a common sight. The traffic would be unimaginably high during festivals and public occasions. Due to this persistent problem, MP Vijayawada - Kesineni Nani Garu took the initiative of building a flyover at the Kanaka Durga temple road. This flyover could divide the long distance travelling traffic and the shorter distance traffic to different routes creating open roads to travel. This would minimise the traffic jam to a much appreciable extent.

MP Nani's sincere efforts to bring ease of travelling and transportation for the people of Vijayawada showed results with the starting of the Kanaka Durga Flyover project.

The whole process of approval from the ministry almost went around for one year. Constant efforts by MP Nani and the team in visiting the offices finally help in a successful start of the project. And the first stone of the foundation was laid by Honorable Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. The flyover will prove to be of great ease for the traveling of the commoners near to Kanaka Durga temple. Major blocks of traffic will be reduced. This will also help in the other missions being carried out around to make Vijayawada a clean and a healthy city.


  Kesineni Bhavan, Pinnalavari Street, Vijayawada-520002, Andhra Pradesh