Kesineni Nani believes in bringing a change that is long-lasting. Passionate about the place he belongs to, he creates opportunities for the development of his constituency and its people. A definition of a leader and a loved one of all - Kesineni Nani has created history by bringing in Tata Trust for holistic progress of his constituency. In collaboration with them, multiple unprecedented initiatives were launched by him for the betterment of the people of Vijayawada Parliamentary Constituency. He has dedicated all of his efforts to make Vijayawada an attractive and a convenient destination to live in. With Vijayawada, Nani also aims to make developmental activities a commonly practiced trait across the country. He is a leader of actions because of his unbiased opinions and a logic-driven attitude. He creates results by implementing conventional growth ideas through the latest technology. This perfectly makes him stand by his title of a modern-social activist.

Kesineni Bhavan - Vijayawada, houses not only a passionate group of Team who nurture ‘helping people’ and ‘serving the country’ as basic mottos, but also features an open auditorium where the pubic voice is held high. Each and every individual of Vijayawada is welcome at Kesineni Bhavan to bring the issues up directly to Nani. The Nani with his group of learned philanthropists moves out for his visits only after addressing the needs of the concerns.

The Nani's Team highly supports technological advancements and favour bringing in easy work processes and smooth communication. Let that be the correspondence with the common people or within the work premises, modern and effective ways are promoted.

  Kesineni Bhavan, Pinnalavari Street, Vijayawada-520002, Andhra Pradesh